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Thin-Layer Chromatography
- On Your iPhone and Android Smart Device



TLC is one of the most used and straight-forward analytical techniques offered to the chemistry and analytical science community today. 


Combined with powerful detection possibilities this tool has been empowered over the years to include even quantitative analyses as well as mass spectrometric  identification etc. TLC is also used for registered pharmacopeia identifications. The smart phone application TLC-timer brings further value to the scientists.  And it is so much more than just an egg-clock. TLC elution rates are non-trivial and depends for example on temperature, viscosity and solvent composition.

Easy and Straight-Forward Technique

Thin-Layer-Chromatography has for more than a century been the first choice by organic chemists and analytical scientists to gain an

 idea of complex product mixtures.  TLC is also very useful for monitoring reaction  progress. Combined with regular staining techniques TLC presents qualitative data on what chemical functionalities the separated product peaks contain. For example primary, secondary and tertiary amines produce different colour after treatment with ninhydrin and heat. In essence, the TLC-timer is started when the plate is placed in the beaker.  The solvent composition in the eluent phase is selected and the size of the plate is changed appropriately. Then the application will tell when the sample is ready for detection. We call this "walk-away-time" as you are free to do what ever you like.  A range of sounds and or vibration will alert you when the sample is ready. Of course snooze is an option provided too.

An Application for Science
We provide a new tool for the scientist to use in their workflow.  We believe the TLC-timer will support and simplify good science.  And yes we are interested in you and your feedback so please let us know what you think.  Please contact us through our website at or drop us an e-mail using This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Hope you will enjoy your TLC-timer!

Multiple Solvents and Multi-plate Support
A single solvent system is (ethylacetate) is set by default.  The second solvent is activated by selecting your solvents of choice from a rich list of predefined alternatives.  The ratio of solvent is stated as the volumetric ratio before combining the two solvents. Secondly is the stationary phase chosen and the plate height is defined in millimeters (mm). The application runs smoothly in a silent mode and the phone can be used for other activities or locked down. Multiple trays can be run in parallel with separate clocks.

Enhanced Features
The smart phone application is under constant review and is being developed by research scientists at work.  Amongst the most recent features are support for built-in camera, simplified peak identification and calculations of the Retention Factors (Rf).  Images can then be copied, beamed or streamed across to a computer or printer.  Of course the possibility for short targetted advertisments and user guided analytical enhancements recommending alternative staining techniques and understanding can be included but so far the application is free from advertisements.


Compatibility & Compliance
Chemovix AB are committed to produce software that are fullly compliant with both iPhone and Android devices.  
TLC-timer has been shown to work on Android 1.5 through to 2.3.3 and iPhone 4 and 4s.
More information on iPhone and Android compatibility will be presented when available.
The sole inventors are the Public Company Chemovix AB.  No patents pending. Copyright to this information and the software is the Intellectual Property of Chemovix AB