LabGear® - Trademark Finally Approved !!

Chemovix is proud to announce the official approval of the registered tradename LabGear® as of the 22th of March 2013.


The use of the term LabGear in the general areas for Laboratory Devices, Manuals and Instructions thereof and general consultation services. We hope this registration will strengthen and amplify the commercialisation of the software LabGear® for controlled chemical Process Development and Process Understanding.


But why a trademark?
- When we talk about LabGear - You know what we mean!

Is this really Intellectual Property?
- Yes, a name and phrase is a great investment and protection for our unique competence!


Trends in Organic Chemistry


The Swedish Chemical Society is arranging this years one day conference on Trends in Organic Chemistry in Lund. 

Chemovix is pleased to announce that we sponsor this event. Come to Chemovix exhibition and get a feel for the software and discuss work practices with our experts. Read more about the open conference at


This year theme is "Organic Synthesis at Large Scale".
Date                       25 April 2013

Location                 Medicon Village, Lund, Sweden


Chemovix AB Annual Owners Meeting 2013 / Årsmöte för Stämman 2013

Chemovix AB would like to invite all shareholders for the Annual Meeting 10th of April 2013 at 19:00.

Location: Lostigen 25, 151 50 Enhörna

Agenda: As stipulated in the Company Constitutional Document. No additional agenda items have been acknowledged.

AstraZeneca Downsizing R&D

On the 2nd of February 2012 AstraZeneca announced the second wave of downsizing its R&D capabilities.
This has a direct impact on Chemovix AB as the four founders of the company are, or should we say were, employed as scientists at the Pharmaceutical R&D unit (formerly known as Process R&D). The upside of this change is that our collected experience becomes publicly available through the care of Chemovix AB.


- Bringing automation to the people! 

LabGear Official Release

During the autumn 2012 and early spring 2013 LabGear graphical user interface and improved features for calorimetry, lab notes etc. have emerged steadily. At this point in time we have a stable product ready for customer use and production.

So in other words, Chemovix are proud to present the first official release of the monitor and control software named LabGear. LabGear is a professional tool designed to assist scientists and product developer to stepwise introduce computer assisted control into their laboratory environment. The product is not brand new but instead it is a second generation software but the first version made commercially available. We are looking forward to introduce You to lab-automation made simple and straight-forward. Believe me there is no way back... Chemistry will never be the same! And your enriched understanding and conception will be tenfold!