Our goal is to grow a business around our skills in providing the tools and techniques on how to conduct science and research in the area of R&D.

Our expertise derives from our experience in Pharmaceutical Development at AstraZeneca. Working in the function called Process R&D we developed and scaled up the manufacturing processes for the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). 

Over 10 years participated the founders of Chemovix in the development of lab automation tools, toys and technologies, both hard and soft, to support the increased demand for data quality and development speed. 



Core Business Idea

Stated in pure Swedish: "Att som entreprenörer generera, utvärdera och förädla ideér till praktiska tjänster eller produkter inom både hårdvaror och mjukvaror, främst riktat mot kemi och processteknik. "

This translates to "As entrepreneurs, to generate, evaluate and refine ideas to practical services or products within the area of soft- and hardware, mainly targetted towards  chemistry and process engineering".