Chemovix AB was founded by these four gentlemen


Patric Fransson, MSc Chem E from Chalmer's Institute of Technology, has worked with organic chemistry and scale-up at the Gothermburg University and AstraZeneca since 1987. As Team and Project Manager Patric has also been involved with business development, especially in the area of experimental design and automation Christian Bernlind, PhD in Organic Chemistry from Stockholm University continued with a postdoc period at Leeds and St. Andrew University before joining AstraZeneca. He has been involved with both hardware and software development, at the same time delivering organic synthetic procedures. General lab automation, parallell synthesis and flow chemistry are examples of areas where he has contributed since his start in 2000.
Daniel Fahlén, MSc Chem E from Umeå Institute of Technology, has worked as a specialist in automation and in-line process control since 2005. Daniel has promoted and extended the use of factorial experimental design and developed tools for advanced visualisation of experimental data. Jörgen Blixt, MSc Chem E from Lunds University of Technology, has worked with organic chemistry and scale-up since joining AstraZeneca in 1993. He pioneered the development work towards a global Electronic Lab Notebooks and after the succesful launch he continued working for more and better tools in the area of informatics and automation. During 2001 - 2003 Jörgen was seconded to AstraZeneca Process R&D, Macclesfield, UK.