What can Chemovix do for your Company?

Pharmaceutical Development Illustrating the Refining of Knowledge


Chemovix can assist you and your company increasing Quality, Effeciency and Knowledge Build-up from your laboratory by introducing tools for Process Understanding and Equipment Control.



Chemovix has the technologies for designing, controlling, measuring in your laboratories or in the fields. After collecting data, visualisations and interpretations are simplified and straightforward using Chemovix software.



Key to succesful implementation of laboratory automation is to get everyone involved. Not just the early adopters and the tech gurus! Chemovix has the experience to analyse your workflows and meet your needs as you see them. User-friendly technology, that everyone loves, supports fully automated, semi-automated and manually running of the hardware.


Software Solutions

Good and reliable software allows the users to focus on the problem to be solved. Great software is almost transparent, just do the job. We have put great efforts into assuring robustness, reliability and to meet the users requirements. In our software the equipment can be disconnected after use without any impact on data collection. We call that "Plug 'n Play - Unplug 'n Don't Play".  Of course equipments can be reinstated at a later point in time. Using the software any action can be set to occurs at a specific time, additions can be run using feedback control for multiple criteria. "Add to maintain constant reaction temperature but if gas evolution exceeds x mL/minute immediately stop the addition". 



Simple scheduling of planned activities will save time and money. We coined the expression "Walk-Away Time" which allows parallel working and multitasking. The cooling to temperature can be initiated in advance and simple additions as well as cooling profiles can be run during meetings or over lunch. Chemovix wants to assist you or your company with equipment fit for purpose to solve your problems. Chemovix provides turnkey solutions and both purchase, deliver, install, support and service your setups. We want to guarantee our customers success.