Chemovix are proud to present the first official release of the monitor and control software named LabGear. LabGear is a professional tool designed to assist scientists and product developer to stepwise introduce computer assisted control into their laboratory environment.

LabGear logotype

The product is not brand new but instead is a second generation software and the first version to made commercially available. We are looking forward to introduce You to lab-automation made simple and straight-forward. Believe me there is no way back... Chemistry will never be the same! And you enriched understanding and conception will be tenfold! More information on LabGear and computer aided design and execution of laboratory experimentation please contact Chemovix Support & Sales by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.l or by phone +46 705 179 709. 





The main application windows displays the runlist in a Gantt type format. If the same equipment is added again at a different time the entry will end up on the same row.

The possibilities combining devices and logical condition are numerous. It is easy to use the output from one channel as input for another device and allow the system to control using PID parameters or simple conditional control. For example, stop heating when gas production exceeds 200 mL/min.

Adding new devices can be achieved both in advance of the run and during the run. The pages of devices can be customed to Your preffered short list. Changing which page the devices end up is very easy.

New devices, unknown to Chemovix, can be added to the system as a service. Please contact Chemovix sales representative to discuss needs and suggestions. Chemovix vision is to get involved! We want to solve problems and promote great science!

The graph feature is very important to users. Being able to produce good visualisations is of paramount importance to many customers. The built-in graph tool supports zooming and visualizes all traces or only a few, but also actions, samples recorded and much more.